Welcome To Land Assembly Services

Experts in Land Referencing, Land Assembly, Property Asset Management, Title Reports, Geographic Information Systems, Data Acquisition & Processing

Land Referencing

Provides all the data and documents you need for compulsory purchase of land

Land Assembly

Brings together the land and rights you need for your development

Property Asset Management

Covers the complete lifecycle – acquisition, development, management, disposal

Title Reports

All the information you need about property rights for the land you are interested in

Geographic Information Systems

For acquiring, maintaining, processing and reporting on spatial data

Data Acquisition and Processing

Handles all your data requirements – text, spatial, documents, images – in any format

Why work with us?

The Land Assembly Services team is passionate about providing fast, reliable and cost-efficient services and software to construction developers, landowners, land registration bodies and land administrators.

We achieve this through a unique mix of people with a successful track record, industry knowledge and information management skills supported by industry specific software applications built on modern information technology and web service access to data.

Our team has many years experience in providing property and information management services to major organisations such as the Department for Transport, Transport for London, the UK Land Registries, HS1, HS2 and Highways England.

We have developed essential information management skills such as data modelling and process design and have extensive experience of applying them to compulsory purchase, property asset management, land registration and land administration.

Over the past few years we have embodied our experience, knowledge and skills in a modern web-based software platform to realise our core principle – do it right, do it once.

Enduring Value


Cost Effective


Successful People

  • Land Assembly
  • Land Referencing
  • Property Asset Registration

  • Title Reporting
  • Software
  • Management


  • Property Rights
  • Compulsory Purchase
  • Land Registration
  • Spatial Data
  • Information Management


  • Data Modelling
  • Process Design
  • Data Acquisition

  • Data Processing

  • Project Management


  • Web-based

  • Workflow Management
  • Integrated Text, Spatial, Image, Documents
  • Evidence Driven
  • Data Versioning