Land Referencing

Our land referencing service covers the full land acquisition lifecycle, from initial identification of property requirements and engagement with landowners to service of acquisition notices and vesting.

Land Assembly

Our land assembly service covers the full development lifecycle from initial identification of property requirements and land referencing through to registration of title.

Property Asset Management

Our property asset management service covers the complete asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposal.

It provides a record of the assets which you own; which you are intending to purchase, and; which you are selling or have sold.

Title Reports

Our title reports service presents comprehensive information on registered and unregistered land, its proprietorship and associated benefits, burdens, charges and restrictions.

Geographic Information Systems

Our geographic information system provides you with the capability to capture, maintain and process information which has a defined geographic location.

Data Acquisition and Processing

Our software platform is designed to acquire data directly from its source via web service, by import from data file, by OCR, extraction or transcription from a document or from an audio source.