Data Acquisition and Processing

Our software platform is designed to acquire data directly from its source via web service, by import from data file, by OCR, extraction or transcription from a document or from an audio source.

You can process and report on acquired data using the services available on our platform, access the data via a web service or we can transfer the data to a system of your choice.

Our platform supports most common data types – spatial, text, documents, images – and formats.

For service definition and pricing, please visit our G-Cloud listing.

Purpose Built For Data Acquisition

Our software platform is designed to provide reliable and cost-effective access to the data you need. Whether it’s available in machine readable form directly from its source or requires conversion, with or without human intervention, our platform can provide it quickly and easily.

Data Transfer

Our data transfer mechanisms, whether web service or file transfer, enable data to be transferred easily and reliably between systems. They enable the data provider to know that that data complies with the target system specification prior to issue.

Data Transformation

The data you need may not be structured in the way you or your systems need it. Once acquired we can transform your data to your specification.

Explore, Analyse, Report

If your systems can’t provide you with what you need, there are a range of capabilities available on our software platform which may – from data exploration to spatial analysis and specialist outputs such as plans, schedules and notices.