Geographic Information Systems

Our geographic information system provides you with the capability to capture, maintain and process information which has a defined geographic location.

It uses the power of spatial analysis to extract and present the information you need to make decisions, perform processes or create documents.

It enables data which is derived from mapped features to be linked to those features – whether past, current or proposed, to preserve the value of your investment in high quality data.

For service definition and pricing, please visit our G-Cloud listing.

Easy To Use

An intuitive user interface, combined with full integration of spatial, text, document and image data, makes the service easy to use.


Data, specifications and processes can be shared easily across functions and systems using direct web access, web services or by file transfer using our published data transfer standard or customised import/export routines.

Easy To Maintain

User data is linked to the reference data set – e.g. OS Mastermap, HMLR Title Plan. The impact of change in the reference data set can, therefore, be easily identified and dealt with.

Spatial Analysis

Our spatial analysis operations recognise that precision and accuracy can vary according to the systems and methods used to create and store data – we can easily adjust our analysis parameters to cater for these types of variation.