Land Assembly

Our land assembly service covers the full development lifecycle from initial identification of property requirements and land referencing through to registration of title.

Our focus is on ensuring complete, accurate and up to date information on property rights and requirements is available when, where, and in whatever format it is needed.

We apply the latest technology to reduce costs and minimise risk.

For service definition and pricing, please visit our G-Cloud listing.

A perfect fit for your needs

Whether you need:

  • Information about consultees;
  • An access licence;
  • A book of reference;
  • Evidence at a public inquiry;
  • A General  Vesting Declaration;
  • Information on assets you have acquired, or;
  • Just raw data,

Our land assembly service can provide it when you need it, where you need it.

Work efficiently anywhere

Our software platform is designed to work in the most demanding of environments:

  • Work anywhere, you can even create and edit spatial data on the move;
  • Access information from anywhere – integrated text, spatial, documents and images;
  • Easily transfer data, specifications and processes between systems based on a common language.

Work with confidence

You can trust the data you use (and create) because:

  • All data entering the system is quality controlled;
  • It is linked to the evidence from which it was captured;
  • You can see its history and the purposes for which it  is suitable;
  • It is held in a secure environment – it can only be created, altered or used with permission.