Land Referencing

Our land referencing service covers the full land acquisition lifecycle, from initial identification of property requirements and engagement with landowners to service of acquisition notices and vesting.

Our focus is on ensuring complete, accurate and up to date information on property rights and requirements is available when, where, and in whatever format it is needed.

We apply the latest technology to minimise timescales, costs and risk.

For service definition and pricing, please visit our G-Cloud listing.
Land Referencing

Service flexibility

Our services and software are fully configurable to meet the requirements of all compulsory purchase procedures. Whether you’re promoting a compulsory purchase order, a development consent order, Transport and Works Act order or a parliamentary bill our land referencing service is configurable to your requirements.

Data acquisition and maintenance

By using our service you get the benefit of direct access to much of the data needed for compulsory purchase – for example most HMLR data is now available in machine readable form. This significantly reduces costs, timescales and opportunities for error.


Your in-house team, professional advisers and contractors can access the data and reports created by the land referencing service via our data explorer, web service or file transfer. Extensive metadata and links to evidence mean that users can trust the data. This reduces duplication of effort and associated timescales and costs.


Wherever possible we automate data acquisition, maintenance, processing and reporting. This means that staff have more time for activities which can’t be automated – such as engaging with landowners and handling exceptions.

Work anywhere

Our service allows land referencing data to be accessed and edited anywhere.