Property Asset Management

Our property asset management service covers the complete asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposal.

It provides a record of the assets which you own; which you are intending to purchase, and; which you are selling or have sold.

It also provides information on any lettings or other rights such as contracts, easements, covenants and restrictions.

It is designed to integrate easily with lease, space, financial and facilities management applications.

Workflow management and automation ensures property asset management tasks can be performed cost effectively and on time.

For service definition and pricing, please visit our G-Cloud listing.
Property Asset Management

A perfect fit for your needs

Whether you need to:

  • Acquire new property assets or rights;
  • Register your land transactions;
  • Simplify your property portfolio;
  • Record lettings;
  • Provide information on your property assets, or;
  • Manage disposals,
  • Our property asset management service provides you with the capabilities you need, when you need them. Our land assembly service can provide it when you need it, where you need it.

Work efficiently anywhere

Our software platform is designed to work in the most demanding of environments:

  • Work anywhere, you can even create and edit spatial data on the move;
  • Access information from anywhere – integrated text, spatial, documents and images;
  • Easily transfer data, specifications and processes between systems based on a common language.

Work with confidence

You can trust the data you use (and create) because:

  • All data entering the system is quality controlled;
  • It is linked to the evidence from which it was captured;
  • You can see its history and the purposes for which it is suitable;
  • It is held in a secure environment – it can only be created, altered or used with permission.