Graham Clough

Development Director

Graham is passionate about data quality and providing people with the systems capability they need to achieve the result they want, first time. Through many years of designing and developing systems for developers, landowners, land registries and planning authorities, he has developed deep understanding of the principles which underpin robust systems, including those relating to the opportunities and challenges presented by spatial data.

This has enabled him to develop a software platform with the capabilities needed to handle all data, documents, images and processes which may be encountered when acquiring, developing, managing and disposing of land and property.

Graham’s ongoing role is to engage with those who wish to benefit from our software and systems, to gain a full understanding of their needs and requirements, in order to configure our platform to provide the best fit to their requirements.

Prior to joining Land Assembly Services, Graham was responsible for, amongst other things, development of land assembly software for use on major development projects such as Crossrail, Heathrow T5 and HS2. 

During his career, Graham has been involved in all stages of systems development and integration, from design to support.  He is a member of Mensa.